New Standards for the Future of the Laundry Industry

What is PERformance®?

PERformance is a system which consists of different modules. Ecolab has developed an overall concept for your laundry which generates the best possible performance for your business with the highest savings possible.

One key driver of the PERformance Concept is the highly concentrated product Ozonit® PERformance. It is a unique bleaching and disinfection agent based on perecatic acid. As the optimization of the chemistry within the washing process is just one part of the challenge, Ecolab offers three different modules.


PERformance BASIS

The combination of low temperature processes and highly concentrated products reduces the total costs of the laundry process significantly and achieves an excellent result for launder

  • Low temperature process

         - Hospital laundry at 60°C

         - Hotel laundry starting at 50°C

  • Highly concentrated products
  • Excellent textile protection

The fundament of the PERformance concept is the innovative laundry process with the unique bleaching and disinfection product Ozonit PERformance.

PERformance PLUS

Efficient water and energy recovery

PERformance PLUS combines the innovative PERformance BASIS with highly efficient integrated water and energy recovery systems. For example: the Aquavent - one of Ecolab's energy recovery tools - utilizes the vent heat of the ironer. The warmed up fresh water is led into the washing process.


It is the outcome of more than 20 years of experience in water and energy solutions. Combined with highly efficient chemistry it will make the washing and drying process as effective as possible.

Your laundry will be ready for the future.

PERformance ULTIMATE - your steam free low energy laundry concept. Until now steam is the most important energy source in the laundry. Due to energy losses , radiation and unused condensate the efficiency of a boiler tank is not perfect. But energy is becoming more and more valuable. For laundries it is essential to reduce their energy consumption to a minimum. A laundry process completely without steam has a lot of advantages:

  • No investment in boiler and boiler house
  • No maintenance of the boiler and steam traps
  • No boiler water treatment
  • No steam and condensate lines
  • No steam quality issues (iron)
  • No energy loss due to radiation, flash steam, blow down and hot gases


PERformance SMART

Whereas the three PERformance modules focus on Washing Tunnels, PERformance SMART focuses on Conventional Washing Machines. Also for these machines Ecolab offers a concept to boost operational efficiency: PERformance SMART.

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