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Aniosyme Synergy WD

Tri-enzymatic cleaner for sophisticated automated instrument reprocessing

Aniosyme Synergy WD is the mild-alkaline, liquid cleaner for sophisticated automated instrument reprocessing. Providing excellent cleaning performance, its specially developed tri-enzymatic, silicate free formula offers excellent material compatibility by lowest concentrations.


Strong – Proven efficacy from 5 minutes onwards combined by excellent material compatibility.

Enzymatic – Removing all kinds of soiling by flexible dosing due to its specially developed silicate free tri-enzymatic formula.

Effective – Lowest concentration efficacy demonstrated from 0,2% to 0,5% provides excellent cleaning performance.

Application area

Tri-enzymatic detergent for instrumentation. Cleaning of surgical and medical equipment, medical devices in automatic washing machine and washing tunnel.



  • Concentrated solution for professional use.
  • Use in an automatic washing machine and washing tunnel at dilutions of between 0.2 and 0.5 %.
  • Effective from 5 minutes.
  • Adapt the concentration, the contact time and temperature of the dilution water according to the degree of soiling and the cleaning method used.
  • Maximum temperature: 60 °C


Non-ionic and cationic surfactants with antifoam effect, sequestering agent, enzyme complex (protease, lipase and amylase), excipients.



Dangerous – respect the precautions for use (drawn up according to the European rules in force regarding the classification and labelling of chemical products).
Storage: between +5°C and +25°C.


Chemical & physical data Temperatur Värde
Densitet 20 °C 1,16 g/ml

pH-värde* (koncentrat)

20 °C 8 5
pH area* (solution, 2 – 5 ml/l) 20 °C 9,6 – 10,3

Conductivity (solution, 2 – 5 ml/l in DI water)

20 °C 0,30 – 0,64 mS/cm

* pH value measurements under operating conditions always by means of a pH meter with temperature compensation.

Medical device.

Endast för yrkesmässigt bruk.

For more information: please refer to the product label/SDS.

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